CV COURSE / EXAM for 2nd year medical students

2017. január 19.

Requirements for application of CV course:

  1. Applicant has fulfilled the active semester requirements by receiving the necessary signature of Anatomy 3.
  2. Only those students will be allowed to continue their studies (registering for Anatomy 4) whose average score of the midterm tests (pin test and writing test) is equal, or higher than 2.00.
  3. All applicants need to fill the "CV course applicationform (could be found at the Documents) and pass it to the Secretariat of Anatomy Dept (2nd floor, west wing).

In case of supported application, you need to take the form to the English Secretariat for final consideration.



The CV Exams will be held at the very beginning of the summer exam peroid.  


For further details please consult the Calendar 2016/2017 (p. 30).


Sándor Katz M.D., Ph.D.

Tutor of the English Medical Course